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Marily Valkijainen is a highly talented artist and a vastly experienced painter who hold great passion for crafting mesmerizing and captivating art. Marily was born in Estonia and have been living in the UK since the year 2009. Right from her early age, Marily felt a deep connection with art and with the passage of time this connection transitioned into a passion and ultimately became her profession. Marily is a self-taught artist and learned the basic credentials of crafting fascinating art through her observation skills and past experiences. Marily holds Drawing and Painting diploma from London Art College and has also completed numerous different art courses.

Marily love and admiration for art motivated her in pursuing a career as an artist. Marily is deeply indulged with the art of nature and loves to draw the portraits of animals expressing the true emotions of nature. Marily feeds off her creativity and her ability to craft distinctive and unique painting provide her with an edge over her fellow painters and artists. Marily believes art is one of the greatest sources of expressing oneself and canvas act as the medium through which an artist express their unique perception of the things of the world.

Marily is always in awe of learning new things and expanding her current set of skills and attributes. Marily is currently pursuing “Illustrating Children’s Book” diploma course with major emphasizes on learning ways to use art to entertain and teach children. Marily is a versatile artist who feels impeccable attractions with colors and loves experimenting with new combinations of color to create expressive art of great significance. Marily is a proud member of Association of Animal Artist and The Society for All Artists. Marily painting has been exhibited in several renowned art galleries in UK and Estonia and is a full-time artist who is always craving for opportunities to express the true beauty of nature through her painting. Marily primary objective is to use her ability to draw as the medium of spreading joys to people and other’s happiness is the greatest source of motivation for Marily.