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About Me

My path in Art


Marily Valkijainen is an artist, painter and creative expert focused on bringing thoughts and great ideas to life. Her main approach is on using her creative mind in order to create unique, one of a kind artwork pieces that bring the viewer to unique, stunning locations. She is a professional painter with multiple art courses and a lot of experience in this field.
Marily also worked has a hairdresser for multiple years but painting has always been her passion and she continued to pursue this dream after 7 years of work as a hairdresser and a few more years after a florist. Both of these professions that she had made her want to prove herself at numerous TV and national competitions. However, ever since Marily had her child, she started to paint. At first this was in secret, but soon she started to see that she’s good at it and worked more and more to pursue this type of work.
Marily’s main focus is on painting animals however she does enjoy painting all types of things as long as they speak to her in one way or another. She does learn more and more each day but she does believe that even a single painting can bring joy in a person’s life. This is why she started painting in the first place, to bring joy and happiness to her and the entire family. Soon she realized that her work speaks and connects with other people as well which is why she continually works on finding new creative sources and she expands to new types of work.
Even a simple item can give her creative ideas and she continues to expand on them in order to provide a unique result. Not only is Marily a member of the Association of Animal Artist and The Society for All Artists, but she actively learns more about painting and she has already sold hundreds of pieces that she worked on both nationally and internationally.
What is painting for Marily? It’s a relief, it’s a way for her to express her life, passion and love. It’s a great way to eliminate stress and experience the freedom that she always wanted. She always focuses on finding a new subject matter and she is never afraid of any challenges. That’s what makes her one of the best up and coming painters.
Marily is one of the painters that continually wants to surpass herself so you will always see her embrace something new and enhance her capabilities. Rest assured that these paintings are great for decorating any home or office but they will also make you think and pose questions. That’s what makes her one of the most interesting artists in the country. There will always be something new, exciting and fun to look at when you buy or at least see one of her paintings. You can purchase Marily’s stunning, thoughtful work right now as it’s shipped internationally at some very good prices. 


  • The Station(Richmond,North Yorkshire, UK) September 2017
  • Nasva Club(Nasva,Saaremaa, Estonia) – September 2020
  • Ajamaja Gallery (Kuressaare,Saaremaa, Estonia) – January 2021